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The 2013 Peach Season Has ended - we hope to see you in June of 2014 for our Cherry Season.
Please Check our Facebook Page for More Information on Days and Hours.

The M&M Peach Ranch is a certified organic Peach and Cherry ranch in the beautiful foothills of the Antelope Valley, in an area known as Lake Hughes, California. We grow two varieties of Peach, which are available beginning in September until mid to late October. We also grow Cherries, which are available the beginning of June.

M&M Peach Ranch started growing sweet, juicy, high desert fruit back in 1983. There are 65 acres of tree-ripened Ryan Sun and Last Chance Peaches, as well as 5+ acres of sweet, Bing Cherries.

All fruit from the M&M Peach Ranch are Certified Organic by OTCO (Oregon Tilth). This means our farming practices follow the stringent standards of the USDA National Organic Program and is free from chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Oregon Tilth Organic USDA Certified Organic

Bill - Owner of M&M Peach RanchBill Basner is the owner of the M&M Peach Ranch and runs the operations from his home located within the fruit trees on the ranch. Bill has owned the ranch since 1983 and has focused on producing high-quality fruit, that is juicy and tastes fantastic. During the Peach and Cherry seasons, Bill is often found walking through the trees tasting the fruit; checking the texture and sweetness. If you come up to pick, chances are Bill will be at the fruit stand greeting you when you get here.








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